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God's Calling


When Truett and Jeannette first discovered Berry College’s Mountain Campus, they knew God was prompting them to take a step of faith – one that would land their feet in the thick of ministry.

This property was only available because of an economic downturn, but they knew that God is in the business of making rivers out of wastelands.

Truett took the opportunity to Chick-fil-A’s vice presidents, and despite them telling him not to put his money into that kind of black hole, Truett moved forward with confidence and full faith in God’s call.

WinShape was born.

Fast forward 30 years, and we are still carrying on their legacy of determination and commitment to ministry – even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Nothing is too great for our God.

2020 may not have looked like we anticipated, but there is no doubt that ministry still happened and lives have been changed for people’s good and God’s glory.

People sitting around a campfire, laughing, smiling.


Total Staff







Years of Service




Roy Hattley
Meg Robertson
Meg Robertson
Keenan Riley


Jeremy Marshall
Jeremy Marshall


AJ Pollard
Anna (Cara) Marsh
Christa Von Borstel
von Borstel
Hamp Jones
Hope Wills
Jordan Walters
Katie Caro
Melissa Spikes
Mike Schieffer
Quinn Jennings
Reushaun Allen
Stephanie Price
People by years of service


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31-35 yrs

Building a Healthy Organization

In a year where physical, mental and emotional health was at stake for everyone, we knew WinShape had a responsibility to be at its healthiest—a safe place for our people during this season.

WinShape continues to be named a Certified Best Christian Workplace, a title given to Christian-led organizations who display a certain level of workplace health and culture based on employee feedback.

To do that, we put energy toward frequent and clear internal communication; enhanced staff benefits in response to COVID-19; training to equip people leaders in supporting their teams; and a remote working policy that put the health and well-being of our people first.

Supporting our Ministries

We are our ministries. It is our responsibility to support all of our ministries in individualized ways that help them function at their most optimal levels.

In a season where some roles were no longer needed and others were being created to support new work, WinShape re-assigned staff and skill sets so that our new needs—and our people—were fulfilled.

More than 17 teams across the organization stepped in to support the massive undertaking of WinShape ON.

Our COVID-19 task force found ways to support ministries who were still able to execute programming while following safety guidelines. Upon reopening our campus to guests in July, these precautions were critical in supporting programming for Camps, College Program, Homes, Marriage and Teams.


COVID-19 prevented a lot of programming from happening the way we planned it to. We postponed things, then we cancelled things.

Then we pivoted.

Each of our ministries dug deep, tapping into the grit and perseverance that Truett showcased to find ways to reimagine ministry in 2020. And while our results looked different, our impact was no less powerful.

Ministry Highlights

WinShape | Camps Ministry

When the pandemic struck, WinShape Camps quickly worked to engage families who were unexpectedly stuck at home.

Utilizing the WinShape Camps app, they launched WinShape Camps NOW, an experience that provided new devotions each day over the course of eight weeks — all pulling from previous camp content that was refreshed to help campers process what was happening in our country during those months.

Estimated 100+ families engaging with new daily content

13,000 app launches in total

WinShape | Camps
Unpacking the ON Experience

2800 Campers

5 Weeks

45 Days

After making the tough decision to cancel in-person camps for Summer 2020, WinShape Camps regrouped and got to work on pulling off the Summer of a Lifetime in a new way. In just 45 days, a dedicated team developed an unprecedented virtual camps experience — WinShape ON — that would typically take 18 months to construct.

With the help of trusted partners who know Camps’ standards and align with our mission, including production crews who set up camp at WinShape Retreat to help execute live content for 5 weeks, we engaged more 2,800 campers and families with the message that Jesus is our Life Giver.

To engage the 900+ Summer Staff they weren’t able to hire because of the pandemic, WinShape Camps developed a multi-week, in-depth study of the book of James.

Just over 300 of those individuals were virtually led through the study over the course of the summer.


minutes of camp content viewed

WinShape Camps
WinShape Camps


states added to camper home reach


plus video calls with campers

WinShape Camps

50% increase

Saw over 40,000 more engagements with social media content

100% increase

Across all social media platforms, saw 3 million more impressions on content than in 2019.

From the parents

“Nothing compares to in person day camp, but this was as good as it gets. It was engaging,  entertaining, and still carried a powerful message about the Lord.”

“From the box delivery - hand delivered by camp staff - to the daily new and fun things he did, my child was continually excited about Winshape ON!”

“Organized, engaging and interactive, easy instructions. My daughter loved it!”

“The timing and presentation were top notch. We have mostly stayed home during the summer and this was a highlight for her!”

“Nothing compares to in person day camp, but this was as good as it gets. It was engaging,  entertaining, and still carried a powerful message about the Lord.”

This innovative thinking continued into the fall, when Camps launched Family Weekends — a twist on the overnight camp experience that is designed to let parents and their kids get away and enjoy time together on our Mount Berry campus. This new offering took advantage of available lodging while serving campers and their families in a new way — one that let the whole family in on the fun. The experience was fully booked for each weekend, serving nearly 50 families.

Prior to COVID-19, WinShape Camps for Girls held two Winter Weekend events that broke record registration numbers for that particular experience, serving 278 campers.

WinShape Teams knew teams and leaders across the country were grappling with their new realities.

In response, they not only transitioned several of their programs to virtual platforms; they also launched entirely new offerings to meet people right where they were at.

Before and after campus closures due to COVID-19, Teams was able to serve 2,139 participants through in-person programming.

Launched 1:1 coaching

Went virtual with all of their existing program offerings, serving over 400 clients

Launched free Emotional Intelligence livestream series

WinShape Teams bookended the year with the launch of their award-winning documentary in February and the publishing of their first book, “Team Work,” in December. The documentary has been viewed well over 100,000 times and is now available on Amazon Prime.

WinShape | Homes Ministry

WinShape Homes Foster Care completely reinvented itself in the wake of the pandemic to continue serving foster parents and caring for the children with them.

Clinical care for children in Foster Care and Group Care was continued through virtual counseling.

More from Homes:

Provided meal stipends to families to ease the burden of cooking more meals than expected during quarantine

Developed personalized activity boxes for each home to use with their children during quarantine

Launched virtual support groups for parents

Converted face-to-face family visits to virtual check-ins

Transitioned pre-service and continuing education for foster parents to virtual platforms to allow new families to be trained and onboarded

With the support of WinShape’s COVID-19 task force, WinShape College Program was able to move forward with all of its scheduled, in-person Discipleship Intensives in 2020.

From Pine Mountain, Georgia to Dallas, Texas, these Intensives served dozens of college students across the Southeast. The Berry Residential Community discipled students virtually through the spring and found new ways to host one of its second-year catalytic events – normally held in Chicago – on the Mount Berry campus. The program welcomed 25 first-year students for the 2020-2021 year.

"Before the Discipleship Intensive, I thought I knew exactly how to lead a small group if I ever needed to. Now I realize the weight of how important it is to ensure that the proper preparation and humbleness be applied when impacting someone else's spiritual life. I didn't know how much I didn't know about leading these types of lessons. The curriculum is not just to be applied as a small group leader, but will inevitably be applied in your own life as well."

Rome Discipleship Intensive Attendee

“We may have been distanced and wearing masks — even when teaching in small groups — but this did not keep the Holy Spirit from moving to lead, guide, convict, and empower His children to bring about his name and glory on campus.”

Emily Katherine Johnson

WinShape Marriage knew couples needed support more than ever when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so they found ways to meet them right where they were — in their home. They:

Utilized their Adventures model and content to create “At-Home Adventures,” an email series that contained different opportunities for couples to engage in a meaningful way with one another at home. More than 1,300 couples signed up and experienced this content.

Offered a virtual Prepare to Last Marriage Retreat for 31 couples.

Launched a digital resource that curated free, COVID-19-related content from marriage ministry partners for couples to pull from.

Engaged a clinical therapist to provide weekly online workshops from June to July — each one designed to inspire connection relationally or spiritually. More than 200 couples participated.

Before and after campus closures due to COVID-19, they served:


through 28 Marriage Intensives


through 26 Marriage Retreats*

*less couples per retreat to comply with social distancing guidelines


through Host Couple training

All Data Accurate as of 11/1/20


We stand by the belief that there is no goal too high – not even in the middle of a pandemic.

This year, it was paramount that we strived for excellence when creating new ways to do ministry – staying true to the high standards that have come to be expected by guests, campers and clients.

Chik-fil-A logo

Integrating with Chick-fil-A & Chick-fil-A Operators

To continue our commitment to exceptional experiences, we leaned on Chick-fil-A – a gold standard for excellence – as a partner in responding to COVID-19.

We worked with the Risk Management team when developing safety protocols for our team members and guests, following their calculated measures in addition to creating policies that were specific to WinShape.

In an effort to create uniformity and clarity around WinShape’s finances, we transitioned our accounting department to Chick-fil-A’s Philanthropic Financial Services team.

Greater collaboration with Chick-fil-A Legal in 2020 provided enhanced security and confidence in our response to issues and opportunities for WinShape.

WinShape Teams continued to serve Operators and teams as well as Support Center Staff.

3:14 Award Winners

The 3:14 Award is a peer-nominated recognition that honors team members who embody each of WinShape’s core values: People, Results, Excellence, Safety and Stewardship.


Amy Davis
Carol Mixer
Dorrene Cook
Emily Walker
Michelle Penny
Rhonda Campbell
Sarah Beth McCloud
Sara Beth
Michael Maynard
Michael Maynard


Peace of mind is mission-critical, and this year it was at the forefront of everything we did.

A COVID-19 task force was quickly pulled together in March to understand the pandemic’s impact on our people and guests, as well as develop tangible guidelines in response.

This cross-functional team created policies and procedures to keep our team members safe — physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

As WinShape continues to operate with only essential staff on campus, we are maintaining strict guidelines and precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone who is serving and being served.

WinShape | Stewardship


Preserving our legacy, history & culture:

From Chick-fil-A to WinShape to personal investments in people and causes, Truett believed all of his ventures were simply a good stewardship of what had been entrusted to him by God. For us, that hasn’t changed. By preserving the history of our inception and the legacy of our founder, we know we are being the best stewards of what God continues to gift us through the generosity of the Cathy family.

We believe it’s our responsibility to capture the history and stories from Cathy family members, early WinShape team members and ministry partners to share with future generations – so we can always remember where we came from and the mission God gave us.

As WinShape continues to operate with only essential staff on campus, we are maintaining strict guidelines and precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone who is serving and being served.


When we join forces, we’re all better stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us.

Prior to the COVID-19 quarantine, WinShape Camps International partnered with Lifeshape to send two teams to Brazil to execute camp experiences locally. Because teams weren’t able to return during summer months, Camps again partnered with Lifeshape to stream virtual camps in those communities, engaging more than 200 campers per week over an 8-week period.